Wesbridge Steelworks Limited

Forging Relationships

Wesbridge Shop and OfficeFounded in 1962 as Dan-Can Manufacturing Ltd, the company was purchased in 1987 by George Sze and rebranded as Wesbridge Steelworks Ltd. With the growth of Wesbridge’s specialized skills and experience, the key areas of the company focus have naturally evolved to structural and architectural steel construction.

The most valuable asset at Wesbridge has always been its people. The Wesbridge family has a strong sense of teamwork and community through ongoing mentoring programs that aim to channel employee energy towards providing optimal solutions to complex problems. Wesbridge reaches beyond the end product, focusing on fostering a strong working relationship with clients while simultaneously developing the highest-quality solutions for the end user.

Competitive Advantage:

  • More than 50 employees with more than 500 years of combined experience in customer service and delivery on the promises they make.
  • 35,000 square foot machine shop anchored on a commanding five acre base of operations.
  • Tekla Structures (Xsteel) and FabTrol MRP software to streamline the construction process.
  • Peddinhaus and Ficep CNC machines for accuracy and speed during fabrication.
  • Team dedication to the pursuit of personal excellence and to exceeding expectations.
  • Work-safe and mentorship programs to encourage continuous improvement.
  • Superior quality control systems to ensure consistent return business and to nurture long-standing relationships.
  • More than five decades of service to Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Developers with an impressive 4,500 projects completed since 1962.
VRCA Award 2007

Award Winning

Wesbridge has been honoured with numerous awards and certifications as a leading developer of steel construction and fabrication in Western Canada. As members of internationally renowned associations including the CISC (Canadian Institute of Steel Construction), CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau), and the VRCA (Vancouver Regional Construction Association) Wesbridge has been recognized for superior craftsmanship in the steel construction industry. Wesbridge is proud of its reputation as “a company, which provides bold solutions to complex structural steelwork challenges”.

Key Service Areas:

  • Design and Build
    Wesbridge is at the forefront of Design and Build Projects offering years of experience and expertise to guide projects onto an economical and expedited completion path.
  • Detailing Fabrication
    Utilizing the latest technologies in software, Wesbridge provides value added detailing through the use of 3D modeling software (Tekla Structures). With FabTrol MRP, all aspects of the Shop Fabrication Process are monitored and processed making Fabrication run smooth and efficiently. Accurate CNC machinery ensures the steel is processed with unparallel precision and speed.
  • Installation Erection
    Wesbridge employs efficient forces to erect and install structures of all complexity and scale. From simple steel stairs to large arenas, Wesbridge Ironworkers are up to the day to day challenges of getting the project completed on time with efficient and safe installation procedures.

Safety Policy

Wesbridge Steelworks Limited is dedicated to providing and sustaining as safe and healthy working environment as is reasonably possible for all our employees. It has been and will continue to be our policy to provide the highest standard of service without compromising the safety of our employees, customers or the general public. We will achieve this goal through the implementation of a comprehensive health and safety program that is designed to meet all WorkSafeBC, federal, provincial and industry standards and regulations. Cooperation and adherence to the health and safety program is not only expected, but it is also a condition of employment with Wesbridge Steelworks. All levels of personnel from workers, supervisors, and management are responsible and held accountable for the health and safety of our employees and for providing a healthy and safe work environment as is reasonably possible. All workers continually provided with safety training and re-evaluation of their training. Our company health and safety program has been designed with best intentions for all employees, subcontractors, visitors and customers in mind. We, at Wesbridge, feel that accident prevention leads to efficient production, therefore complete cooperation in all its components has been deemed mandatory.